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Have you ever noticed that when liking or following someone else, they usually come back to do the same. We bet that you’ve even checked out a stranger’s Instagram because they followed you.

Using this natural human curiosity is how many accounts get likes and followers, but who would ever spend their whole day liking and following other people? This is where automation tools like Sproutsta come in.

Sproutsta will automate liking, following and unfollowing just like a human being would. We offer this at a price where people would consider it as almost free.

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There is no point in attracting followers if they aren't going to stay engaged. In order to have good engagement you need to reach people that will like your content.

Targeting your potential audience is what Sproutsta does best. Use hashtags to target people who have certain interests or use locations to target people that are frequent to certain places and let Sproutsta do the rest.

Still not convinced?

I certainly saw immediate effects since using Sproutsta. Knowing it is working whilst I sleep is the most attractive quality I like about it.

James T.

I love to talk about fashion and I use Sproutsta to keep engaging with that audience for me.

Hannah S.

Great service. I have used several automation tools before, but nothing so effective and organic as Sproutsta. I look at is as if I am paying someone less than $1,50 per day to like and unlike pictures for me!

Andrew B.

Sproutsta is so simple to use and so quick. It's a great investment to help me become an influencer for travel!

Lucy S.